Coding for Exercise

There is a range that exists between folks for whom code means a bucket of ones and zeros and those for whom programming is equal parts lifestyle and livelihood. I exist somewhere in the middle, with the novice understanding of ones and zeros still large in my rear-view mirror. For me, code has been a hobby; a way to exercise my brain and get outside of my comfort zone.

Focusing almost entirely on business development for our digital marketing agency, my daily interactions with code are usually limited to hitting “CTRL + F” to find a prospect or client’s Google Analytics code or some errant “no index, no follow” text. Hardly an engaging interaction with a programming language, and certainly a far cry from actually running anything I’ve written myself.

After spending the last 2 weeks working through an online introduction to javascript class, I am finding something curious happen. Sure, I’m thoroughly enjoying the course (thank you Code School), and having fun with the exercises. Coding for fun each night after work has helped me leave stress behind and fill my head with something that is both engaging and soothing.

My business development role gives me an opportunity meet new people every day and I am learning so much about both running an agency and the challenges that brand-side marketers face. Coding at home, on the other hand, give me an opportunity to challenge my perspective and apply critical thinking in a different way. I work through the problems in my head as I’m falling asleep and when I arrive at work the next day, I’m thinking more clearly and I have a broader sense of fulfillment than I did before. It’s been a great experience and I’ll probably even come away with some useful basic javascript skills.